Acostay Hotel Group (AHG) is an independently owned Australian Hotel Management Group with our head-office based in Sydney.

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Acostay's Objectives

  • Competitive Management Fee
  • Competitive Group Marketing Fee
  • Flexible Lease Duration Terms
  • Flexible Exit Fee
  • Acostay Brand Properties to suit your product
  • Provide guests with a place to stay for a certain amount of time for a certain amount of money in a professional manner. Making sure staff are getting paid and well cared for
  • Yield rates and maximize profitability for the owner's return on investment, by reducing costs and capturing the maximum potential when consumer is purchasing room accommodation by up-selling
  • Provide product awareness through media and trade event shows as well as through
  • Contracting too all market segments
  • Fund management to suit the owner for refurbishment
  • Complying with Australian Building Standards (15a Certificate) [Fire Dampers, Fire Compliance, Stair Pressurization and Lift Safety]
  • Supplier contact for PMS System that is windows based
  • Database (inbound (FIT & Group), Domestic, Corporate, Government, Travel Agents, Third Party Websites, Consortia, Stand By
  • Accounting Software Package
  • Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Intranet Website that contains forms (HR, news about the Group, Contact Database)
  • Refurbishment consulting contacts for refurbishments and maintenance
  • Policies and procedures of running property
  • Accountability

City Hotels (3 to 4 Star)

Motels / Backpackers